About This Station

This weather station is privately owned and operated, is not affiliated with the city of Pacifica, CA, and should not be considered an officially recognized station for weather reporting.
Weather Station Photo
Weather station: Davis Vantage Pro2+ fan aspirated
Data transmission: Ambient Weather Network via the Ambient Weather NANO-SD
Lat, Lon: 37.634, -122.485
Elevation: 270 feet
Anemometer Height Above Ground: 12 feet

AmbientWeather Network: East Sharp Park
Davis WeatherLink Network: East Sharp Park
CWOP: FW8022
Weather Underground: KCAPACIF247
MesoWest: F8022
NWS: F8022
Windy: f032acfa

About This City

Pacifica, CA is located just south of San Francisco on the Pacific coast. The Sharp Park neighborhood lies in the northern half of Pacifica and includes the Pacifica Pier, the Sharp Park Golf Course and Sam's Castle. Nearby landmarks include Milagra Ridge and Mori Point. During World War II, Sharp Park was the site of a detention center, where Americans of Japanese descent were forcibly detained.

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