About This Station

This weather station is privately owned and operated and is located in the East Sharp Park neighborhood of the city of Pacifica, CA. This station should not be considered an officially recognized station for weather reporting.
Weather Station Photo
Weather station: Davis Vantage Pro2+ fan aspirated
Additional Temperature/Dew Point and Lightning Data: Ambient Weather WS-2000
Air Quality PM2.5 Measurements: Purple Air
Weather Cameras: ReoLink RLC-510WA and Nest Cam Outdoor (discontinued model)
All Sky Camera: ArduCam IMX519 with a 120° field of view, hosted on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and running Allsky software
Lat, Lon: 37.634, -122.485
Elevation: 270 feet
Anemometer Height Above Ground: 12 feet
Ambient Weather Network: East Sharp Park
Davis WeatherLink Network: East Sharp Park
CWOP: FW8022
Weather Underground: KCAPACIF247
MesoWest: F8022
NWS: F8022
Windy: f032acfa
Purple Air: Purple Air